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Date: Feb 16 - Jan 17


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Welcome to the London Fire Brigade incident mapping website.

This site has been created to help show you what incidents the London Fire Brigade attended in neighbourhoods across the capital. Incident information can be shown on a map shaded to show incident counts in each area compared to the average across London, or as text by clicking on the "Text view" tab.

As we continue to develop the site we hope to improve the way you can access data including a more detailed breakdown of the incidents we attend. We must also ensure that we protect personal information and comply with all legal requirements regarding the data we hold. For more information on how we develop the maps and represent the data please see the "Help" and "Glossary" tabs in this section.

How to use the map

Because there is a great deal of data to display, the map can slow down your web browser. The map will automatically show smaller areas (wards) as you zoom in. If you search the map, it will show you the most detailed level for the area closest to your search.

There are a number of ways to control the way the data is displayed on the map:

Incident Types can be changed by clicking on the "Incident Types" menu and selecting the type of incident in which you are interested. Only one incident type can be shown at a time but all incidents we attend can be shown together by selecting "Total Incidents"

Fire Station locations can be shown by clicking on the "Refine Map" menu and selecting "Fire Station"

To compare Incident levels in a specific borough you must first click on the area of the map you are interested in, or search for an address or postcode. Click on the "Refine Map" Menu and select "Compare incident levels in selected borough". The incidents will be displayed to ward level at all zoom levels to enable easier comparison across local areas. To compare incident levels for another area you must first de-select the selected Borough name displayed in the map info box

If you want to make a request for information which is not currently available in the data on this site you can do so through the Information Access Team or visit our access to information pages on the London Fire Brigade website for further details.

The London Fire Brigade is grateful to the Metropolitan Police Service for providing this facility. You can go to the Metropolitan Police Service Crime Mapping website here.

We hope you find the maps useful and welcome your Feedback on how we can improve the service.

London Fire Bridge - Metropolitan Police Service - Metropolitan Police Authority - Mayor of London

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